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Le Boucher - Y'golonac

Benoit Boucher (aka Le Boucher since 1996 and Y'golonac since 2020) is a dj who mixed between 1996 and today, with a little pause between 2016 and 2019. At first he mixed Tech and Darkcore Drum & Bass in Quebec City for CKRL. He, and his best friend Kressel, was formed to replace Dan Rochette (Ghengis Dan) at his radio show "Arts Sonics" when he needed to take off (4-5 times). But that become very fun to play all together (Dan, Kressel and LeBoucher every friday nights) and they did that as often as possible during 2 years. After he finished his Master in UI Design in Québec City (beside Kressel) in 2000, he quickly moved in Montreal and start doing Techno live sets in solo but also in duo with Kressel. He mixed mostly as a Minimal Techno dj after 2004. In 2006, he founded the Eresys artist collective, with friends (Monopoly, Kressel, Dauc, Kasteniede, Yan Leigh, Joystick, FuAncko and Sequential Factory). He stopped doing live sets after the launch to concentrate on management, websites design, coding. He also rent 2 music studios, with some partners, to produced events, tracks and podcasts. He left the Montréal scene in 2016 after celebrating Eresys 10 years of activities, on the big scene, at the Montreal Piknic Electronique. Since november 2019, he mix officially for a radio station called "La Face B". His radio shows are mainly composed of dark and futuristic electronic music of all kind. The genres he play are mainly: Dark Ambient, Smooth & Dark Dubstep / Grime, Trap, Techno, Electro, Darkwave, Darksynth, Cyberpunk, Industrial, Halftime D&B, Neurostep and Minimal. Click here for more info.

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