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La Face B  (radio station)

logo la face b noir.png

Music broadcasting platform providing great music via live audio/video stream and podcasts from our Montreal headquarters! It's a place for expression and a meeting point for music lovers, DJs, producers and promoters. A self-promotion space facilitating the diffusion of musical selections and original productions. Listen here:

No Future by Le Boucher (radio show)

le boucher - no-future.jpg

Le Boucher have different genres in terms of intensity, rythmes, etc.. but have also a very precise aesthetic: really dark, dystopian and futuristic. It goes from dark ambient to neurostep, industrial or darkcore drum & bass. You can listen all his mixs here: mixs & tracks.

Plastic Dream by Y'golonac (radio show)

Ygolonac_plastic-dream 2.jpg

Y'golonac have different genres also, to but a very different aesthetic: it's mainly dark cyberpunk genres. It goes from dark retrowave to post newwave / darkwave, to electro, industrial techno and darksynth. You can listen all his mixs here: mixs & tracks.

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